Facebook chat is available for those who use Macs(ichat) or even those who use Google chat. You can now integrate facebook chat into those apps even when you aren’t on facebook! If you are using a multi-protocol IM client such as Pidgin, Adium, or iChat, set-up is really easy—you just add a new Jabber or XMPP account, the username being your username@chat.facebook.com, with your password being the same as your Facebook password. If you still haven’t gotten a Facebook username (the tag that appears after www.facebook.com/ for your profile page) you’ll need to go to your Settings page to enable it.

Once you log in, all your Facebook chat friends should show up in your buddy list. If this is good enough for you, that’s fine, but I found it really messed with my organization. Although Facebook chat lets you decide which friend lists do and do not show up in your IM client, it doesn’t seem to realize that those not on a list are important too—so if you have friends that aren’t on a friend list, they’ll just show up in a list called “Buddies” on your IM client, and there’s no way to take them off (short of hiding that list client-side). Since most of my AIM and Gtalk contacts were already on a list called “Buddies”, I had to create a new list for them to get my organization back on track. You may or may not care—it’s just a warning that that list will likely be where all your unlisted Facebook friends go (at least it was for me).

People spend more and more time on Facebook so why not stay in touch with friends on a different level and connect with facebook chat. There is nothing but benefits to using facebook chat…just think, one less app open on your desktop! Check it out for yourself, connect with your friends and facebook chat. Everywhere.

 Follow the link below to see how!