The foundation of any small business is their image or their logo. An idea for a business starts with a picture in one’s mind, a vision. A good graphic designer can extract that vision from their client and put it into a logo design. I have seen way too many logos for small businesses that look “cookie cutter”, like they were copied off a box or out of a magazine. A logo is what pulls a customer to a small business, it tells a story. It doesn’t just tell any story. It should speak volumes about what the company does, services it offers, what it stands for or its culture. A logo is in a sense the heart of a small business, well, any business really. I mean where would Nike be with out the famous swoosh logo? Would you know who McDonalds is without their famous golden arch logo design? Would your Macbook be the same without that glowing Apple logo design on it? No, of course not. 

When you look at your current logo design does it really represent your business?

It is never too early to start your branding campaign. Even if you are just getting started with your business. You never know where that business will go, how soon it will take off and you don’t want to be thinking about branding too late in the game. While websites are important for marketing and customer service, we think the logo should come first. So now is the time to evaluate your logo. Does it tell the story you want it to? Does it represent you and/or your company? If not, it’s time to give us a call so we can discuss your vision, your goals and get started on the logo design that truly represents your company. Unlike most companies we specialize in listening to you, what you want, what you like and what you see for your logo and then we get to work on creating something distinctive.