Does your web designer have any true business experience?

It never ceases to amaze me how many companies large and small hire a web designer with zero business experience. A website is a valuable business asset and your web design firm should have a good background in business so they can truly build you a site that will positively effect your business sales and profits. They should be able to guide you in your web presence promotions. More importantly, they should be able to listen to your needs and goals, communicate their ideas and create solutions that will help you grow your business.Read more

Can You Call Your Web Developer?

Can you call your web developer to discuss your website?

I am not sure why it is but I hear from clients everyday how so many web developers don't have a phone. I too have noticed that with so many freelancers, there seems to be a new trend of web designers/web developers operating strictly by email. With 14 years of experience I cannot imagine how this would fit into the creative process.  Read more