Can you call your web developer to discuss your website?

I am not sure why it is but I hear from clients everyday how so many web developers don’t have a phone. I too have noticed that with so many freelancers, there seems to be a new trend of web designers/web developers operating strictly by email. With 14 years of experience I cannot imagine how this would fit into the creative process.
The interaction between developers and their clients is deeply rooted in strong communication. I have always felt that to create something truly unique, something that creates or re-creates a brand for a client is created when the web developer genuinely connects with their client and gains a true understanding of their client’s business. It is virtually impossible to connect on any level though email.

If you have a web developer that doesn’t have a telephone that you can pick up and call them on, it may be time for a change.

In fact, it’s definitely time for a change. You should be able to speak to your developer directly when discussing edits to your site, it’s too easy to have miscommunication when discussing the little details that must be ironed out between client and their web developer during the creative process. Think about it, if you find something that needs to be changed on your website, do you really want to send your development agency an email and have to wait for a response? Don’t let a lack of communication with your web developer hold your website back from being all it can be. It’s your website, your business, it’s time to get on the phone  with a that cares and get something done!