What is the next trend in web design?

Web design trends are really hard to figure. I mean look at how long the Web 2.0 style has been around! Everyone is familiar with the shiny buttons, glossy finishes and reflective metals as a basis. However, we believe there is a change in the air and we think we have good idea where design trends may be headed. If you have any idevice, whether is an ipod, ipohone or ipad you will be familiar with the new trend.

Skeuomorphs pronounced “Skew-a-morf”, this is a complicated word for a simple idea – making things look like other things. The idea has been around for a long time – Wikipedia lists two great examples; a hubcap which appears to have spokes, and decorative rivets on jeans – neither are functional, but they represent something from an earlier time. The spokes on the hubcap are not needed as they were on the first wheels – but it appeals to us nonetheless.
Skeuomorphs have been used on all computers for years. The folders in your file system is a perfect example. These are at the heart of Apple’s unique leading edge UI. This plays a big part in why people find their products easy to use an easy on the eye. This same idea is going to start playing a big part in leading edge web design as well. Creating a look and feel to websites that make them visually appealing and easy to use.  A perfect example of this is the bookshelf used in the ibook application. More importantly, this will really change the web design industry. Think of the possibilities that can be used in creating a website using this method. Needless to say, we are excited and of course we are already brainstorming on how we can start to use this leading edge web design elements right away!

Of course the biggest draw of using these web elements in your web design is the idea of familiarity.

With the hundreds of millions of ipods, iphones and ipads now in use, using a similar design element in your web design will no doubt offer your user a feeling of familiarity. In addition, another positive aspect of using skeuomorphs will be the ease of use and the real world look and feel.

As with anything, opinions vary so depending on who you ask some may say this is just a passing trend. However, e think this is will be the next big trend and we will be focusing on this in the coming months. So stay tuned, check back or give us a call and let us show you what we can create for you!

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